DHA - OMEGA 3 for Babies and Toddlers


OMEGA 3 - Essential Building Blocks for Your Baby's Health 

Live Wise Naturals Baby DHA utilizes plant-based DHA from Algae oil to promote a wide variety of vital functions in your child’s body. From the support of healthy cognitive function and brain development to the healthy functioning of the eyes and immune systems to helping to reduce chronic inflammatory conditions.

 Algae oil is a potent single-plant, non-genetically modified source of DHA. Algae oil is more abundant in omegas and absorbs better in our bodies than fish oil. There is no need for concerns about mercury or other metals and contaminants like there would be from a fish-based product. 

We also include Astaxanthin,a powerful antioxidant extracted from microalgae. This carotenoid is the red pigment that gives many animals such as krill, shrimp, salmon, and flamingos their beautiful pink color. 

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