Sleep Wise - All Natural Sleep Aid

  • WHAT IS SLEEP WISE - Sleep Wise is a powerful sleep support formula designed to provide deep and restorative sleep. Sleep Wise can allow you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling renewed. Not only will Sleep Wise improve your sleep quality, it will also allow you to optimize muscle recovery and anabolic hormone production. Sleep Wise is non-habit forming.


  • LIQUID FORMULA - MAXIMUM ABSORPTION – Sleep Wise is an all natural, liquid formula, taken under the tongue.  The organic grape alcohol stimulates tissues in our mouths to quickly deliver the ingredients directly into our bloodstream.  Studies have shown that the body absorbs 98% of liquid extracts compared to only 35%-50% of pills and capsules.  This bypasses the harsh environment of the stomach, avoiding stomach acid that breaks down the ingredients, significantly decreasing the bio-availability and potency of the ingredients in capsules, tablets, pills, and gel caps.


  • IMPORTANCE OF QUALITY SLEEP - Many people do not understand how sleep quality or lack of sleep can affect their bodies. Sleep is equally as important as exercise and diet in training programs and weight loss regimens. While you sleep, the body is working hard releasing anabolic hormones to regenerate and repair muscle tissue. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to fat gain, decreased muscle mass and strength, increased hunger, and a weakened immune system.

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