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Live Wise Naturals Estro Wise is formulated with a clinically researched blend of botanical extracts proven to REDUCE HOT FLASHES, vaginal dryness, sleep troubles, nervousness, fatigue, and joint aches. These plant extracts have long been used as menopausal remedies in KOREAN and CHINESE MEDICINE – all-natural, effective, and SAFE for a woman’s body.
Hormonal imbalance can cause a myriad of symptoms, and many women, not just those going through menopause can experience them. If you or someone you know experiences any of these symptoms Estro Wise can help to relieve them.
Our carefully crafted formula provides relief from insomnia, formication, paraesthesia, fatigue, night sweats, and headaches, as well as hot flash relief. Our formula also contains SAFFRON EXTRACT, proven to REDUCE STRESS and support mental health.


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    Mrs. Joi Gordon
    United States United States
    Good quality but not for me

    I’m 57 and had surgical menopause at 44. I used to take estrogen, but had to stop due to a blood clot in my arm. Ever since, I’ve been struggling to fall asleep and was finally diagnosed with estrogen deficiency insomnia. I do not have anxiety or depression, just insomnia. I literally cannot fall asleep without help. I have taken every possible herb and mineral for sleep but none have worked. I had high hopes this would help me sleep, but it did nothing for me. I hope others have better luck. It’s a great company and quality ingredients. I use their Vitamin D drops religiously.

    Christie B.
    United States United States
    Great results - highly recommend this product!

    I was surprised at the results I received almost immediately. The morning I started taking this, I felt my muscles were more relaxed and my mood was even keel, even during a time of the month when I often feel more fluctuations of emotions. After a few days, I noticed I was sleeping better as well. I highly recommend this product!

    Live Wise Naturals

    Hello Christie, Thank you for using Estro Wise and taking the time to leave a review! We are so happy to hear the great results you are having!

    Demetria C.
    United States United States

    Actually I only tried it once. It has a very unpleasant taste. Am deciding if I even want to add it to something; however it might ruin the taste of that item?

    Susan A.
    United States United States
    Balanced Life

    I LOVE Estro Wise! No more brain fog, mood is regulated, no more night sweats and so much more. What a terrific product to help during this transitional time!

    JODY M.
    United States United States
    This one work

    This! This one is the best I’ve tried, within a couple days I could feel it working. It doesn’t taste the greatest but as long as it works I’ll be a faithful buyer.

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