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B-12 For Toddlers & Children

Live Wise Naturals B-12 for Toddlers and Childrenis the first of its kind with a low 2.5 mcg per drop so that you can give the right amount daily to all ages! Our formula also uses a USDA organic B-12 sourced from Organic fermented mushrooms making it a natural source of B-12. The drops contain three forms of b-12, methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin, and hydroxocobalamin, in a base of Organic glycerin, providing the most natural and best absorption for the body. 

B-12 is an Essential supplement for plant-based toddlers and children. Vegans, predominantly plant-based adults, and children must supplement with this crucial vitamin. 

* In this formula, we include A natural ingredient derived from plant extracts that are listed on the label as "natural flavor"; we add only a small amount to help aid in naturally preserving the formula; it does not add flavor. The ingredient is the only 100% natural ingredient certified  for use in USDA Organic products. 

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